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Wallcovering Services 

Power Decorating Co. has extensive experience working in homes as well as commercial/community settings including retail centers, office buildings, restaurants, stores, warehouses, and churches. We are fully qualified to offer a full range of wallcovering services for your home, office, or institution.

If you are looking for that unique look, try a wall covering.  Adding wall coverings can give you a wide variety of looks such as patterns, faux paint, stucco, or textures.  Wallcoverings are especially popular to brighten-up bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers and are also commonly used on ceilings and accent walls.

What better way to go green than by adding Asian grass clothes or other natural textiles to your home.  The Asian wall coverings include grass cloths, rice paper, and bamboo which are renewable resources. 

Current digital technology has given rise to more products in the wall covering industry.  A new line of custom murals has emerged.  A mural can depict anything  from a landscape to a historical scene to a family photo.

New wallcovering installation services include:

  • Vinyl Coated Papers
  • Commercial Vinyl
  • Paper Coated Papers
  • European Papers
  • Grass Cloths
  • Custom Murals
  • Hand-Trimmed Papers
  • Foil Wallcoverings
  • Borders
  • Hand-Trimmed Borders
  • String Linens
  • Silk Wallcoverings
  • Wood Veneers
  • Glass-Beaded Wallcoverings
  • Block Prints
  • Digital Murals

Additionally, with experience working in and on retail centers, office buildings, warehouses, and churches, we are fully qualified with:

  • Exterior washes
  • Commercial-grade paints and coatings
  • Commercial wall coverings
  • Roof painting & coatings

See our Painting Services page for more information on these services.


We provide restoration services, including extensive stripping, preparation, and painting or finishing. We can help bring the life back into an old building or a poorly covered wall.